Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He is Risen! Easter 2011

Well just wanted to keep getting the news out there to all you who support the ministry of Christian Surfers in SA. Its been a massive couple of months in the life of CS in SA. Highlighted by the Annual Tribal Gathering in which over 150 surf missionaries gathered in Victor Harbor over this past easter! We also have seen God really open up some 'secret doors' into lives in the surf community. Liana and I have had some time off since easter, but are ready and raring to go as we head into the back half of 2011.


Over this past easter Liana and i had 18 months of planning and hard work come together as South Australia hosted the 29th Annual Gathering of the Christian Surfers Tribe. A time that was that super hectic, but very rewarding at the same time. This was my first tribal gathering which i felt like i was in overdrive and sometimes wasn't really sure what was happening around me. I did know that the promises that God had given me about the gathering was happening even though i could not see them all the time. A real lesson to me actually as i now reflect. So often we strive, work hard and put our energy into something and look for outward signs of this hard work paying off. For some kind of recognition of your hard work! God taught me that i was wrong to look for such recognition and i just need to rest in the fact that God, my heavenly father was proud of me all along. A lesson that only rings true to me as i write this blog.

As this easter weekend rolled on i was able to see my brothers and sisters of the surf get inspired, challenged and pumped about being part of such a cool family! the CS family is exactly that. A group of people that meet once a year and yet we can just be who we are. And that is loved by Christ and redeemed by his Love. To be part of that environment really is what Jesus was talking about when he said "they will know they are my disciples (followers) by the way they love one another."

This years gathering while i spent most of the time with clip board in hand rather than surf board in hand i was able to reflect on some real moments of God's Glory just being present. One of these was when local board rider accepted a gift from CS at our community surf film night. To see the gratitude in his eyes and to hear the heart warming words that were said reminded me of what CS is all about! Another was when at dawn of a sunday we gathered on a beach called Kings to proclaim that the King has risen and to proclaim this in an awesome time of worship, prayer and the symbol of cross in the beauty of the Kings creation (see pic). And finally a communion service in which 150 surfers were united by the light of 150 candles which burned stronger and brighter when united! Memories that will forever will be entrenched in our hearts and will be the igniters until we meet again in 2012 in Queensland!

Whats Next...

Well after literally recharging after Easter Liana and i are waiting and praying through our next direction. We are confident that in seeking God he will show us the path to walk! Liana is currently looking and praying through going into a semester of full time study to bring her degreed to completion quicker. I am heading into winter season, which is always hard as we lose surf coaching work and have to rely on doors to open up. Some of which are starting to be revealed by way of my surf judging commitments, strategies for finance and other opportunities! The next stage for me in CS is a South East camp in June, Working at the Pro Junior in July and a potential mission coordinators gathering in July also!

So thats about it crew! thanks for your support and prayer and we look forward to being able to faithfully report all that God is showing and doing through us as we are salt to the people in which we find ourselves journeying with!

 Surf Film Night - A great community night which saw surfers come and be stoked by a great event!
 Presenting local board riders a gift of blessing from behalf of Christian Surfers Australia
 Sunday Morning Paddle Out at Kings Head, HE IS RISEN!
CSA Tribal Gathering 2011 - The crazy, full of life tribe we spent easter leading!

Bless ya heaps!
Justin and Liana Monaghan

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