Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Perfect Love Casts out all FEAR!

Over the past week the Lord has arisen the whole area of FEAR. In particular when FEAR stops us living the very way he created us to live. What happens when we experience fear? It paralyses, confuses and makes us doubt the very thing that we hold dear to us. Fear is not something that just fades when you follow Jesus. It seems to always be knocking at your door! But should this be the case? Is this just a fact of being human? or can it be overcome? 

Jesus says “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Profound words by a profound King! Maybe we can't get rid of fear completely, but God gives a pretty cool tool to overcome it. "Take Courage." When we think courageously we can do more than we can imagine. Just think of crew that have accomplished enormous tasks, Sir William Wilberforce, Sir Edmund Hilary to name a few. We claim this courage, but i reckon when Jesus says "it is I" he gives a pretty good clue that he is the one who gives us courage if we choose to step out! So as you travel this week, this month, this year may you be drawing on the courage that is already in you just waiting to be released if you are willing! then your fear will dissipate!

God bless ya!

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