Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The NEXT STEP - Mission Coordinators Retreat!

Hey Crew,

Just an update on the great weekend, which saw Mission Coordinators from all around SA gather and talk about this Christian Surfers year thus far and the next step ahead as we approach 2012. It was super encouraging to see representatives of all, but 1 mission. Christies Beach Baptist and Hotel Kenny were great in providing us accommodation and a place for meetings.

The main gist of the weekend was based around two major themes:

Unity: We talked and strategized about the implications of unity and the affects it has on the spiritual, emotional and practical. The team came up with some great ways to close the gap on this area and unite the missions better in the future!

Evangelism: As Christians i believe we have lost our nerve when it comes to sharing the Gospel with those we meet a long the way. Evangelism has become the elephant in the room. An awkward topic and one that even Christians don't want to know about. Over the weekend i brought forward some teaching that would see us reclaiming the 'E' for the life giving, hope filling, radical message that it is. One that is to be the joy of life rather than scary thing that only few encroach on.

I look forward to the next season of CS in SA as we begin to apply some new thinking, new strategies, and ultimately see more people awakened to Jesus!

Keep praying for the CS missions in our state!

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  1. Thanks to all who lifted up us in prayer over this past weekend. It was a great weekend of vision and good discussion which will see us be more effective in reaching the surfers!