Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There are some changes in the Air!

Hey Faithful supporters, friends and who ever else has a peek at our blog!

Its been a few weeks since i've chatted to you all. In fact my last update was way back in the start of August. There has been heaps happening in the last few weeks. Some good, some bad or hard, but thats ministry i guess. Jesus did say we would walk the narrow path, rather than the wide one (Matt 7:13-14). Anyway since we last caught up there has been a number of changes happening in CS and always in our life. When you can't really plan a day a head let alone a week you are definitely destined for changes. Anyway here's the update.

CS Leadership Changes

One of the challenges that always arises in my day to day life working for CS is that i always seem to have leaders coming and going. For some its just a case of CS didn't quite fit the calling, but it was worth a try. For some its life changes, whether this may be a new baby arriving or getting married. For others its just about obedience and that God has called them on to new horizons. Dealing with these changes are part of the role, however these changes don't always come when you expect them or want them. I had a few of these lately and it certainly throws where you think you might be heading to a whole new direction. One of the changes that happened recently was two of my key leaders in the Mid Coast mission feel that God was calling them on. While it was a surprise i can say His (God) ways are above ours and i have to trust in that truth. That's all i have to hold onto sometimes!

I do want to pay respect and thanks to Andy and Jess Story. These were the two who moved on. Andy as long as i have been RC has been so supportive of me and my leadership in CS. He has been my wing man on occasions and has taught me and shown me so much about what it means to serve our King. I and the CS team will miss his leadership, but we are stoked to see where God may take him, Jess and there son Eli next. Our prayer and blessings go out to them both!

Changes in work!

As you would all know I worked in CS in a self funded capacity. And while the workload exceeds the money i have to try fill the gap with what ever may come around the corner. Its the path of a worker in CS. For me in recent months this has been a real struggle practically, spiritually and emotionally. I have been the region coordinator of SA for the past 6 years and while we have continued to make it to the next day with our needs met it doesn't get easier even after 6 years. On top of the burden of this challenge i am soon approaching the big 30! This, while it shouldn't it has seen me compare my self to those i know who are in this age bracket. And while they are making their first million, buying their second or third house Liana and i are trusting in each day and believing our needs will be met for rent, food and petrol. When i lose focus on God this really does get me down and it has seemed to be that way for the past few months on and off. The other thing is that it sometimes feels like you have no direction with work. over the past months i have labored, landscaped, surf judged, surf coached and done whatever has come my way to cover life expenses. This is just something that i have to do to keep serving the way Liana and i do.  

Over these past few months it would have been easy to throw the towel in, but i have not and will not because the conviction and the calling is strong. What it has done has made me pray and think about a way that i can support Liana and I. I have been feeling strongly about reconnecting with my Art gift. I have been a drawer as long as i know and have thrown a few paintings together over time. Lately God has been opening doors of imagination and potential avenues to explore this gift again. While it this may seem crazy to follow this dream i've come to place where if God's hand is on this talent it will bring support for us. I am hoping to get some works into up and coming exhibitions and also are toying around with an idea for a fundraising dinner early in 2012 to auction of some mine and liana's art (thats right she is a super talented artist as well). So as our supporters and friends please pray for some "real" support to come from this new venture.

After all just like the servant who buried his talent in the ground (Matt 25:16-18) i don't want to bury my talent and wake up years later going maybe God you gave that gift to me for a reason.

Anyway all, that about it for now! there is plenty of other stuff going on in mine and Liana's life so if you want to pray for us, support us or just find out where we are click on the other tabs on the home page and all the latest info will be there for your perusal.

Bless ya heaps and thanks for the continued prayer and support!

One of my latest digital art works!

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