Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New year Begins!

Hey All our Faithful supporters!

Well its been awhile since i posted on here! The reason is because of the crazy schedule that happened towards the end of 2011. Kangaroo Island pretty much dominated my life. I spent large amount of time over there working on the big KI Surfing and Music event. Unfortunately this event has copped a lot of bad press in media and other forums. The great thing that happened out of this event has got much air time and that is that Christian Surfers Volunteers served with all their heart and soul to make the event a great success. 78 volunteers worked up to 12 hours a day and wore their Jesus hearts on their sleeves. As the leader i was so proud of my team. See attached pic!

So anyway post KI Liana and i have settled into our new house with fresh vision and super excited about where God is taking us. We received our house via a miracle (as me some time) and since then have had a real opportunity to build a great home and God has blessed us amazingly filling our home with all that is needed to be a house of hospitality. We are sure to have many stories that will come from this next journey.

After 2011 i was needing a long break and so over the time of December and early January i took some sabbath time. It was a hard journey of searching God's heart and looking for the renewing of mine. I was completely exhausted and needed some REST. What i discovered was that i needed the kind of REST that i actually hadn't had for quite some time (3 years). In this journey i was able to spend some great time in my marriage rediscovering the fun of being able to do life with your best friend. I was able to Surrender all that i have and all that i am to God afresh. In fact even was on the verge of moving on from ministry completely. But as God does when you find REST in him he reveals the true plans of the path. OBEDIENCE is the key and is all he asks for. So OBEDIENCE is what we did.

This Obedience has seen Liana and I begin another year leading Christian Surfers in SA. Its been a journey of many deserts, but this is where God has lead us. We look forward to an exciting year ahead and the move in the spiritual realm which is of massive proportions that is coming. Jesus has been so faithful to us and he continues to be so. He is the only Lord that we want to follow and so as the year rolls on we are in anticipation as to where he might move us to, what people He has has ministering too and the adventures that lie ahead.

This weekend i will be firing up the crew of South Oz for our annual leaders retreat. We appreciate you prayers over this time.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of you that make it possible for us to be OBEDIENT to our King. Your partnership is invaluable and prayers are invaluable. we look forward to sharing many more stories in 2012. (there is short clip of our new home of Christies beach)

Bless ya heaps!

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