Thursday, March 29, 2012

Set Free!

Hey Faithful supporters,

Here's just a real quick update on whats happening with Liana and I as we serve as Kingdom workers in our lives.

2012 has kicked off with a bang and our lives are showing that we are completely consumed by an amazing God that calls us serve Him. God has revealed to us that our ministry work extends beyond the title of Regional Coordinators for SA, but is actually our whole life. Every week, every day, every moment is an opportunity for us to be an instrument in any situation.

Between Liana and I in the past month we have Sold ice creams for STREETS at Clipsal 500 and Womad, Surf coached, cooked BBQ at various functions, Teaching at schools in Blackwood and Goolwa, Christian surfers travel and work, had a single dad and 2 daughters move in and there is much more. Given this variety of the past month we realise that we serve in a LIFE capacity, not a title capacity.

Why are we Set Free? well because when you rid yourselves of the things that take Life away from you, you realise that you are created to do the things that bring life. And when this happens you become the recklessly abandoned Jesus radical that he wants you to be. Both Liana and i are stoked and are looking forward to how together we will continue our journey as Kingdom workers for a mighty King.

I have a small clip that explains it all! (technical difficulties, but coming soon).

Bless ya heaps!

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