Thursday, May 10, 2012

Changed lives.

tucking in at beautiful parsons beach!
Hey all, just wanted to share a story!

As some might know i work as a surf coach as well as lead CS. And a few weeks ago i did a surf coaching trip over to Yorke peninsula. Little did i know that in the next 3 days God would invite me to partner with him in the lives of the two coaches i was working with, particularly one of them. 

After the first day i was chatting with one of the coaches and he shared with me that he had severe back pain and that he had been suffering a little bit of depression and it had impacted his life a number of times. I really felt that God wanted me to address this and so i said to him "i believe that you do not have to deal with this because God wants to heal you." A bold statement, but when your a passenger to when God takes over its amazing what comes out of your mouth. Any way this lead to a great conversation and then an opportunity to ask if i could pray for him over the next few days. He said he would really appreciate that.

Next morning i was praying and worshipping and the Lord lead me to a passage in John.

John 14:27
27 “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.(NLT)

This passage was the wisdom that this surf coach needed to hear. and the next morning on the wednesday 2nd May 2012 i shared this with him. He responded in the only way someone would respond when a word pierces your heart. And in this moment i was able to pray from him and particularly over his back which he was experiencing large amounts of pain. I felt the Lord speak healing over his mind and as a result he was healed. the rest of the day he ran out a full vigorous session of coaching and he is almost 50 so thats impressive and most of all he had no pain.

A week later i caught up with him and spoke to him and asked the question of how he was going since i had prayed over him. He replied "that since i have prayed he has had no back pain and his depression has ceased."

To God be the glory is all i can say and encourage you all that its amazing what can happen when you become the conduit for what God might want to be doing in a life you connect with. So be bold and believe that God can do these things through you too.

New Roomies.
Also just one last update. For the past 3 months Liana opened up our home to a single Dad and his 2 daughters of 5 and 7. It has been a journey that has been a growing one, but overall it has seen this young family experience freedom and healing from their previously bad living situation. Keep praying for us as we continue in this journey. Below is a pic of Kris, Maddi and Chelsea so you know who we are living with.

Kris, Maddi (Left), Chelsea (Right)

God Bless, 

Justin & Liana.

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