Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Harvest Time!

Hey faithful supporters, 

Its amazing how time fly's when your focused on being used by God in the daily routine, especially when you wake each day awaiting what the plans are going to be. The only thing that i new in the last 6 weeks is that i was based down in Goolwa beach on the south coast and that i would be dropping Liana off at her teaching practicum at 8am and picking her up at 4pm. The time in between on most days was a blank canvas. That was the really cool thing about it though because when you are in that place you approach life with expectation and wonder as your day unfolds before your eyes. Each day in the last 6 weeks i have encountered new people, old friends and many others in which God has given me the opportunity to get alongside, to hear their hearts and to find the connection point between them and their creator. Now for me this is what makes the blood pump, it's the thing that gets me excited and enables me to believe the words of John 10:10 about Jesus coming to give life in abundance.

I have learned that "i love sharing Jesus through my life and my words" and the even cooler thing is that a lot of the people i have met love me sharing it too. Now that may sound strange and not the common response to those sharing Jesus, but that has been my experience in this time on the south coast. Whether it has been on the phone, or in the surf or just in my travels and duties i have encountered time and time again divine set ups by God in which he has used a few words that have come out of mouth that have made a difference in a person or peoples lives. I certainly can't take the credit for it. the only thing i can take credit for is that i have positioned myself in places in order to see what God is doing in the lives around me. Honestly if was to reflect on the last 6 weeks of divine moments all i could say is that when you step aside and rest in Him, He then uses you in ways that you couldn't even imagine. The advantage of this place of absolute assurance of rest in Him, is that you walk in the confidence of Him and nothing or no one can get in the way of Jesus being the only thing. 

For me and what i have learnt in the last 6 weeks is that when He is the only thing, He is the focus, He is one you live for nothing can distract from the joy that comes from living for Him. And when you have this as your direction you actually become your most authentic, most loving self you can be. The world that we live in needs us to be our most authentic self. if we are truly honest with ourselves our most authentic self is one that is totally in union with Jesus. This kind of you without effort will impact your friend, your family and the people you live life with. I heard it said that "a fruit tree doesn't need to try to bear good fruit, it just does cos its a fruit tree." A quite profound statement yet is so true. In Matthew 7:18 Jesus alludes to this and says that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit if its good and because of what Jesus did on that tree of calvary we are good trees. Thats how God, your creator sees you, a good tree that is incapable of producing bad fruit. This is the true reality and this is where Life is truly found. As a tree that doesn't have to try to be a tree, but just is. 

I hope that you are encouraged by the way that your prayers, financial support and other support has enable this last 6 weeks to a season i would describe as "harvest time." Thats an exciting time and i believe is time that approaching all of us faster than we think. So be consumed by Him and let him flow out of you as He wants to.

Whats practically happening?

Biggest news is that Liana has climbed her Everest and as i write has one day of her final teaching practical to go. She found out a few days ago that she passed her practical and that the people responsible were impressed with Liana's improvement and confidence that had developed over the time of her practical. I am so proud of her and it brings me so much joy to see her fly like the eagle that she was created to be. She has just 2 assignments to go and it's party time! So thanks for all the prayers and support show to her in this time. she has certainly be lifted up by all of you to achieve such a feat.

A picture of absolute surrender! Well done Liana

The other news is that we are heading back our home at Christies Beach next week and so back to living in community with Kris and the girls. For me this is exciting, but also sad as i have to say goodbye to surf beaches being just a stones throw away. My 23 surfing times in the last 25 days has been such a joy for me and a reminder that i love surfing and most of all i love the surfers. I hope that i can continue to be disciplined in getting in the water as this has been where a lot of the harvest has come from. its so cool that God allows our passions to come together with Him.

I will continue to work at Cutloose Surf and hope to bring blessing to the people there as it winds down. Yes that right the surf shop i work for will cease to exist in a few months. It has been an awesome time, in which i have gained experience, impacted new crew and sold heaps of surf stuff. What is around the corner who knows. What i do know is i need not to worry cos today is what i have been given. The next job i'm sure will come and i'm sure it will be just the right place.

I know had a lot to share and just hope that you are encouraged, inspired and challenged by what your support has enabled Liana and myself to do.

Bless ya heaps and we love you eternally.

Justin and Liana.

The call for us all! to Represent the King Here in this world.


  1. Good stuff Digga, just remember I have to drive an hour and a half to get to the beach.... so half an hour isn't all that bad ;) ha ha