Sunday, July 29, 2012

West Oz Adventures!

Hey Faithful supporters,

Just a quick update cos the last ones have been essay length. Anyway for the past 6 days Liana and I have been away with the Christian Surfers National team in Dunsborough, WA. For you crew that don't know as regional coordinators for SA we are required to be at 3 training and direction weeks in the year. These times are so epic because we have the opportunity to live together like a family and share stories of encouragement to one another. The staff are the only ones that really know what its like to walk in our shoes, so it's so good to be able to get together.

When we do get together its no holiday. It rather is an opportunity to train us better in our role, to be inspired by vision from a national perspective and also to knock some of the business running and organisational stuff on the head also. The big issue this past week was our addressing of discipleship worries and the actual root cause of this issue. This being the lack of "spiritual fathers" that are around in the CSA family. So the action over the next season will be to start to address this in SA so that we are even more fruitful for our King! (Love to chat over a coffee if you want more explanation.)

Today we head back to Adelaide after a last day hanging with some awesome Jesus people and seeing some of the sites of Perth.

God bless and thanks so much for the ongoing prayer and support.

Justin and Liana

Liana and I standing in front Perth city landscape!

CSA National Team on Surf Check in SW WA.

Where Jesus would be! EPIC service with Deep South Community of Jesus crew.

Lucas Bartlett, CSA Vic & Tas Leader - Pray for our brother next door to SA.

Azza, welcome addition to the CSA crew as QLD mission developments guru! Funniest guy!

The WA boys certainly do have waves worth bragging about.

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