Monday, August 27, 2012

Faith is the only way!

Hey faithful supporters,

Firstly just want to say how incredibly appreciative we are of your support and prayers that have covered us through this past season. Without them i feel that the storms that we faced would have been more like hurricanes that would ultimately tear us apart. Prayer is such an under estimated area of our walks with God, yet it really is the most important area we should be investing in our walks with Jesus. This past season without prayer would have been impossible to navigate.

The cool thing is that when we pray we commune with the living God and we enter a realm of belief and faith that is unparalleled in our human experience. It really is proof of the supernatural and a belief in a an amazing father in heaven. This foundation of prayer is where the Lord has been enabling Liana and i to undertake some of the greatest steps of faith we have ever walked out. This past season has seen us take on a new home and business in faith.

What does this mean? well about 2 months ago our life was changed when i heard the voice of God speak to me and say "go to the gallery" a little unusual, but some what making sense with my recent renewed passion to get back to my art. My response was to do exactly that. I drove to the gallery in Port Elliot and sat out side looking in wandering why God would lead me to a closed surf art gallery. It made a lot more sense when later that day i received a word of prophecy from my pastor Ben, who said "an art gallery will come open to you for a dollar." The pieces of the puzzle began to come together and the following day i walked into the surf art gallery and was welcomed by name from the current owner.

A long conversation and an insight into how God was working in this young woman life i realised that this space was going to become a part of my life in the future. Especially when there was a connection that seemed to be scripted in heaven between me and the gallery owner. And to top it off the feeling as i stepped into the house part that this was going to be my home. The details of the relationship that was formed between me and this young woman is worthy of a chapter in a book, but for a blog i'll save the details for another time or a coffee.

The following weeks saw me and Liana go on a journey of seeing God move in mighty ways as we have continued to walk in faith (that is believing in what we physically can't see). He has brought into our lives countless amazing fellow Jesus people who have offered us prayer, advice, business wisdom, accounting help and a professional grant writer. All these people have become part of the amazing plans that God is forming as we undertake this new ministry venture. 

We are super excited about the future after over coming a few storms. The Lord gives us strength as we rest in Him and trust that ultimately this whole physical ministry that is developing is all about knowing His love more and more. As we fall more in love with our King we believe and have faith to believe the impossible things he is doing through our lives. after all Jesus said “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:25-27

So please pray with us as we step in faith and believe for all our needs to be met as we take the next steps in this gallery ministry business venture. We ask you to pray specifically for this friday the 31st August as we sign the papers and pay our initial payment which is still coming in from our heavenly father. We are so stoked to have you join us and we look forward to celebrating the greatness of our King as he continues to reveal his awesome plans.

So until next time bless ya heaps

PS. Next blog the vision of a house of prayer, praise and Glory will be revealed. Stay tuned.

Our new home and ministry house, oh yeah and new business!

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