Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are you willing?

Hey Faithful supporters,

Well its been awhile since an update and that's because of how much stuff has been happening since i updated. So in a sentence here it is. We opened the business of Surreal in start of October and God has lead us into amazing opportunities, people and challenges. It has definitely been a stretching time to say the least, but we are good. After that we jetted off to Hawaii on the biggest adventure we ever have set out on. $500, staying in Hawaii for a month and not knowing many details, but that God wanted us to be there. So currently i write this from Hawaii into the last stretch of our Adventure.

The reason i want to update and this blog is called are you willing is because i want to share a story with you in web land. it's about a guy called Nick.

A Story about a bus stop encounter!

So on the 20th November Liana and i were making our way back from Kauai (one of Hawaii's amazing islands) and we jetted into Honolulu airport. When we arrived the only details we knew was that we needed to get to Wainae on the west coast which was 45 minutes away and that was it. We decided to take the Bus and go on an adventure into part of Oahu, we had not seen. The only thing was that in Hawaii, you are not allowed to take Airport bags on there as they are too big (silly i know). so we took the plunge and as i was standing there a guy at the bus stop sees my Gold cross on my neck and say nice cross. I proceeded to say that i was Jesus man. His name was Nick.

So as i felt God say get on the bus with this guy he then told me he was baptised two days earlier and showed me a picture of it. We got on the bus, not knowing at all where we were going apart from downtown. As we sat there on the bus with Nick we heard a story about this man that would send chills down anyone. He was from Alaska and a fisherman by trade and God had recently awoken him from a rough past of meth, heroin and massive abuse to be a "fisher of men" his word not mine. He spent his time fishing 7 months a year for income and then the remaining 5 sharing the good news over the world. not from a stage, but just as he went to different places. We were blown away by this and as we continued to journey the plot thickened.

Just two weeks before Nick and his girlfriend were beaten within an inch of their lives by local Hawaiins who prey on people at night (a different kind of Hawaii hey, there actually 43% of Hawaiins are addicts). Nick as a result suffered severe facial damage which saw him break bones in his face, suffered two black eyes and the potential to be scarred for life. His girlfriend as suffered same kind of violence. As he took of his glasses i saw a face that was swolen, however not horrific thing i was expecting. He told me that God had healed the scars and the doctors were able to repair his face in a way that would not change his appearance to much. PRAISE GOD! once again his words not mine.

We then found out that He was heading to town to see police sketch artist to describe his attackers and to catch up with his girlfriend who was in hospital and potentially face a life threatening blod clot in her leg. Just as he spoke this i offered to pray for Nick his girlfriend called and told him that she had no blod clot and was released. after he hung up the phone and as we travelled through Honolulu downtown we praised and worshipped the King of Kings.

We arrived in downtown Honolulu and it looked more like a scene from west side New york, like harlem than tropical paradise. Heaps of homeless, beggars lined the street as University students ignored there pleas. We walked following Nick to his girlfriend to discover a lady that looked like she had a story to tell herself on crutches.

with 45 minutes before Nick's meeting with the sketch artist we got some food together and continued to share stories. Nick and his girlfriend new a lot the homeless and beggars and in fact one came by and i met him. A seriously deformed right arm stared at me and it was hard to look at his face as a result. I asked Him what happened and he said "i f*%k up. Later i discovered that it was heroin shot that went wrong. It looked more like tractor incident or his arm being caught in a machine at a construction site. This guy lived with Nick because of the love that He showed. This guy was housed by Nick at no charge, just to help him out of his addiction. At this moment i felt i was in the presence of greatness. Jesus said you will do even greater things than i and Nick was a testimony to this.

Just before we parted ways in the middle of the mall we prayed together, his girlfriend not a christian, but God got her number. As we prayed i felt God say to me that Nick story needs to be shared. In fact i had a vision of him in brisbane sharing not a church, but at a drug rehab centre. After we prayed he was overjoyed in meeting us and we said we seem him at church this sunday at the Church at the Beach on the north shore this weekend coming up. We parted company and new that when God told me to get the bus that day i had to answer the question are you willing?

My challenge is are you willing?

Bless you heaps and i hope this story is an challenge to you all as you follow Jesus into the places he was.

Are you willing? 40ft plunge at Waimea Canyon, Kauai.

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