Monday, November 26, 2012

A day that will never be forgotten in Hawaii

Hey All,

Just have to update you and encourage you about the day of the 25th of November here on the North Shore, Oahu. One of those days that will stay with me the rest of my days. Short description of the divine set ups.

ONCE A MONTH CHURCH @ Haliewa Beach Park.
Went to a Church service that literally was in the heart of the poor community of Haliewa. There were approximately 700 homeless and poor that were blessed with a holistic service which included food, clothing, testimonies, word, Worship (Rom 12:1-2), and most importantly prayer and a focus on Jesus being the one that makes them whole. Liana sang at this service and i was asked to speak and share about faith. Didn't know that was going to happen to i'll got there. Hightlight those was seeing my beautiful wife take the nail clippers i bought out of obedience from a prayer for a man named marvin and clip his hands and feet ( wouldn't of been done for a least 10 years.). She is amazing. (John 13). I reckon this concept might being birthed into OZ soon. It the most accurate biblical experience i have ever had of Church. (Matt 19:26)
Justin, Keike, Marvin & Liana @ Once a month Church, Haliewa beach park.
Wylland Gallery Visit - Artist Walfrido meeting.
Met up with a world Acclaimed surf artist at Wyland Galleries. This was a divine encounter which was so inspiring on so many levels and was a gift to me that this was the beginning of the next stage of my life. We were able to chat, share about Surreal and watch the master at work. His name is Walfrido, check out his work.
Artist Walfrido with Liana in front of his masterpieces in Wyland gallery.

Divine Connections Abroad...
While catching up with Walfrido, met a guy named James (also an art enthusiast) and his wife Hope (Prophet) and Diane (thinking about starting an art gallery by faith). That's right crazy to think that in the island of Hawaii God is moving a prophet in words of the creative and the season is coming when God shines even more through this place and a person just quit her job to life by faith in pursuing a gallery ministry dream. Will share move when we get back, but these guys will be a huge part of Surreal going Global for God's Kingdom. yeeeeeew

James, Hope and Diane - A divine encounter for sure.
R.A.F.B Live Gig in Waimea Valley...
Last but not least Liana and i were treated to a free Jazz, blues and Rock concert in the beautiful 
Waimea valley. The cool story is that a few weeks back in the first part of the trip we met one of the members Stefan at the art and music place he and his family run on the main stretch of Haliewa. He invited us to come and see him and his family band and we just said well if its meant to be it will be. So when we pulled into Waimea planning on a waterfall hike we were blessed with the Ron Art is family band which was Stefan and his amazingly talented family band. They play free concert to give a little of heaven to earth in the name of Jesus and redeem the the rock, Jazz and blues world with life giving lyrics. AAAAMMMMMAAAZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!

R.A.F.B free Gig. Amazing blessing at the end of a special day.

So that was our Day. God really did want us to come to Hawaii! thanks for the support. will be back in Oz on the 2nd and Adelaide around the 4th December.

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