Friday, January 4, 2013

One day at a time! Challenges Galore!

Hey Salters,

Thats my new nickname for all you guys that support us. Just want to give you quick update on the action in our life.

Well we've been back in Port Elliot town for about a month after an amazing time in Hawaii, but a challenging one too. We hit the turf with a mandate to work harder than we ever have. After all we a new business owners now. All our hope was in a profitable December, but instead we experienced hardship, toil, family tragedy and just about everything else that could go wrong. We thought that putting our heads down and cracking into Surreal (our new business) would just see the blessings pour in. As is often the case God tests us and asks the question do you trust me.

At times i have to be honest it was pretty hard to trust him. And yes there were a few stern words spoken. Pretty funny me a little grain of sand arguing with the creator of the universe. I guess that's how graceful He is. Puts up with our yoyo (the toy on a string, not the biscuit) like state when the chips are down we curse Him and then with the same lips praise him when we are on mountain tops. I'm Glad He is God and not me.

Anyway we are still in up hill battle, but we do know that if we lose everything (Surreal, Home, Credibility) we will never lose the love of our heavenly father. It's funny now, but not at the time that it takes us to almost lose everything to realise the mind blowing truth that He is God and He is Truth. I wish that it wasn't always to breaking point, but this is our journey and it teaches us that nothing matters but Him.

We hold steadfastly onto the words "I have plan for you. Not to harm you, but to prosper you" Jeremiah 29:11 like nothing else. We know that this is truth and that we need to just become a little less yoyo like and just trust him. After all He is always faithful!

If your praying for us please pray for the following things!
1. My younger brother suffered serious burns to his legs and is on a slow path to recovery. So please pray for rapid healing.
2. Pray for our rent as its now overdue by 3 days! We are needing $2166 asap. The landlord has been so graceful. So praise God for that.
3. Surreal - We want a real good crack at it and we need volunteers to help so Liana and I can also work to meet our expenses. it's pretty wild at the moment.
4. Pray for Liana as she has applied for a part time position and some relief teaching work at Christian school. we will hear back in a few weeks.
5.Pray for Christian Surfers SA as there is a transition time into the next season that is uncertain, however i know God got it perfectly.

The good news is that Liana and i are going well and we are starting to get a few good sales in Surreal so there is light at the end of the tunnel. The one day at a time approach has enabled us to be thankful despite hardship. After all when you put things into perspective with have some many things to be thankful for which include our community of friends and family, health, freedom, joy beyond understanding to name a few.

That about it guys! but if your keen to support us practically we would love you to come and see our Gallery in Port Elliot (20 the strand Port Elliot) and maybe purchasing something to remind you of the way you are partnering in the Kingdom via supporting us. We love you heaps and your prayers are Epic.

Justin and Liana

The missio's at Christies beach for Liana's 26th Birthday, which she recently celebrated.
Liana graduated on the 18th December from her early childhood teaching degree. So EEEPPPPPIIIIICCCCC!!!!!

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